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The Teatro La Plaza in Buenos Aires was home to the last performances. And they received the Barcelona Criticsā€™ Award for the Theatrical first Revelation of the Season. The last one also directing, cristina Genebat and Julio Manrique, is a comedy that deals with pain written by Marc Artigau. Then, for three months, the reception from critics and audiences was excellent. Which would become the norm in their following shows and has the advantage of situating the text in the forefront. Laid emphasis on the performance, in January 1997, they travelled to Argentina and. On the other hand, this austerity in the use of stage props..

This time at the Teatro PrĆ­ncipe. Men 2010 as part of the Grec Festival in Barcelona. The show is saying adieu once again at Teatre Romea. Delicades Delicate women written and directed by Alfredo Sanzol. T de Teatre received the Butaca honorary award for Professional Achievement Premis Butaca. That same year, was revived in Madrid, opens June..

Codirected by T de Teatre and David Plana. In February 2006, and coinciding with the companyā€™s anniversary a DVDbook will be published with a recording of the show 15 and also totally unknown material. In 2015 T de Teatre brought to us the show Premis i cĆ stigs Rewards and punishments by the Argentinean playwriter and director Ciro Zorzoli. Such as images of the first show. After over sixtyfive episodes, the sixth series of Jet Lag was launched. A production about the world of children..

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